Jesus is our bridegroom (Matthew 9:15; Mark 2:19; Eph. 5:25-27)

The relationship between Christ and the Church is sometimes described in Scripture as a marriage.  Jesus is the groom and the Church is the bride.  This is a beautiful image and shows us how much Jesus loves us and how he shows it too us.  In one of the parables in Matthew and Mark Jesus is defending why the disciples are not fasting.  Jesus explained that since He, the groom, was on earth with the bride there was no need to fast.  They should be celebrating because they are together.  Just like we will celebrate again once Christ returns for us, His bride.  We see in Ephesians that Christ loved the church so much that he died for her.  That’s how much he loved us!  He wanted us to be pure and blameless.  This is the love of a groom for his bride.


In John 14:2-3 Jesus talks with the disciples about how he had to go and prepare a place for them.  This is a common practice when two people are going to get married.  During the engagement process the groom would first negotiate a price for the bride.  Then he would go off and prepare a place for them to live once they are married.  The bride did not know how long the groom would be gone.  Only once the groom finished building the home and had a job that would provide for his family would he come back to his bride and marry her.


Let us remember that Christ and the Church are in an engagement process.  Christ loved us so much that he paid the ultimate price for us.  He gave up his life for us.  He wanted us to have his righteousness and to be pure and holy.  After his resurrection, he left to go and prepare a place for us.  Which means that He is going to return someday to be reunited with his bride.  We should be filled with joy and anticipation with news!